Tuesday, May 2, 2017


We have reached the last week of the semester, but with the excitement of summer also brings the stress of final exams. The Rec Center wants to help ease this stress, so we will be holding Stress Less Week from May 2-May 5. Here’s 5 ways for you to #StressLess:

  1. Be prepared
It is important to be mentally prepared for finals week. Make sure to study in advance because cramming for an exam will only add to your stress. On May 2nd the Rec Center will have study rooms available for students to study for finals as part of our Stress Less Week!

  1. Meditation
Stop and take a deep breath. It is always helpful to meditate and practice deep breathing; it can be very calming and will reduce your stress. During Stress Less Week the Rec Center will be offering free Yoga classes to promote meditation, which also leads into the third way to #StressLess...

  1. Exercise
Exercising can relieve stress and make you feel better. The Rec is well aware of the positive effects of exercise, so we have made all of our group fitness classes free during Finals week! If you aren’t a fan of yoga, you can try some strength or cycling classes to reduce your stress.

  1. PLAY!
“Live.Learn.PLAY!” is our motto at the Rec Center, and we live by it. Try to set aside time for you to play sports with friends. During finals week you can play basketball on the courts, or you can get involved in some of our competitions. Join us on May 2nd when we will be having Pop Shot and Horse Competitions. There will also be Tailgate games and free giveaways on the IM Field.

  1. Rest up
It is recommended that college students sleep 8 hours per night and lack of sleep is linked to higher stress levels and decreased academic performance. So remember to put down the books every once in a while and sleep!

Good luck on finals! Check out our full #StressLess week schedule here: 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

For Donnie

3rd Annual Lax for Donnie Memorial Tournament

The Lax for Donnie tournament is not about wins and losses, it’s about remembering and spreading the name of a co-founder of the Rowan Men’s Club Lacrosse team.

During homecoming week in October of 2007, Donnie was murdered in an on-campus incident, his case remains unsolved.  

Donald ‘Donnie’ Farrell, was a 19-year-old Rowan University sophomore. He grew up and lived in Boonton, NJ and played lacrosse for the Mountain Lakes Lakers. He was also the Co-founder of the Mens Club Lacrosse team. 

Rowan is hosting the 3rd Annual Lax for Donnie Memorial Tournament, taking place on Sunday, March 26th on the Rowan IM Field and Stadium Field.

In Memory of Donnie the Rowan Club Lacrosse team started an Annual tournament to raise funds for a scholarship in his name. This year the tournament has grown to eight schools: Rowan, Drexel, Atlantic Cape Community College, Stevenson, Penn State, TCNJ, Dickinson, and Cabrini. Throughout the day there will be thirteen games, including a championship game to close out the day.

Come join the Men's Club Lacrosse team this Sunday from 8am - 5pm to remember and honor Donnie Farrell as well as support and cheer on Rowan as they take the field.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Cycling Journey

Have you ever looked back a few months and become amazed with how far you have come?

Four monthsago when I walked into my very first cycling class and I had no idea what I was doing. My goal for the new semester was to make it a priority to workout. I started taking a cycling class every Thursday night, and I immediately became obsessed with it. Soon enough I was taking three cycling classes a week, and I had signed myself up to get my cycling certification.

Why am I writing this? Because if someone told me six months ago right now I would be a Cycling instructor at the Rowan Rec Center I wouldn’t have believed them. At the beginning of the fall semester I took a chance at something outside of my comfort level. I had never taken a cycling class, but I opened myself up to trying something new and I could not have been happier with the way it has turned out.  

To those who say this could never happen to them, I tell you this: “You don’t know until you try.”

Rowan is an amazing place full of opportunities. Take a chance. Step out of your comfort zone. Try something new; not only at the Rec Center, but anywhere around campus. You can take a new class, join a club you always wanted to be a part of, try a new IM sport, or try out a new fitness class. The possibilities are endless in life. If we make the effort to put ourselves out there and try new things, who knows what we could achieve in the future.

I took a chance with trying a Cycling class, and that is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everyone who is reading this is capable of doing great things, all I ask is that you step out of your comfort zone and explore all of the great opportunities we have right here on campus.

I am now a Cycling Instructor at the Rowan Rec Center. My cycling class is every Tuesday at 12:45pm, new members are always welcome! Try any of our fitness classes, I promise you will wish you had done it sooner.

- S.S.

Check out the Spring 2017 Group Fitness Schedule:

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sport Club Showcase: Parkour

Breaking all of your traditional perceptions of sports and exercise Parkour is part of a new wave of fitness across the country, but it’s old news for Rowan. Entering its seventh year as an official club on campus Rowan Parkour is building exposure and growing in the local and national scene.

First gaining popularity through the Internet parkour takes the graceful motion of gymnastics and combines it with aspects of climbing and running. As a sport it focuses on using the environments around you creatively and overcoming physical obstacles in all landscapes.

Due to its unconventional style and lack of structure parkour is a great fitness option for people who don’t like traditional sports and exercise routines. It is often non-competitive, although there has been a rise of competitions on the national level; there is no pressure to do anything but improve your own skills.

On the college level Parkour is growing fast with more and more schools officially recognizing clubs and sponsoring competitions between colleges through organizations like USA Parkour, which recently recognized Rowan as an official member.

Despite this growth nationally there is a stigma of danger surrounding the sport. Injuries, risky jumps, and dangerous moves have been highlighted through the Internet and in news. Although, this is not the experience Rowan has had as a club.

“We teach the safety moves and how to fall before anyone can attempt any jumps, it’s all about progression you learn how to jump from a curb and then you move on to higher and higher objects when you’re ready,” Club President Richard Stapleton said “In the three years I’ve been in the club we haven’t had a single injury.” 

The coaching and support of a college club combined with the support of campus organizations like the Rec and Public Safety have significantly reduced the risk of injury associated with parkour at Rowan.

If you’re interested in joining this sport in a safe and fun environment Rowan Parkour meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon at the Robinson Clock Tower. You can contact Rich Stapleton for more information at stapletor6@students.rowan.edu


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Day at the Rec Center

Freshman Experience: Working at the Rowan Rec Center

Halfway through my senior year of high school I applied for a job at the Rowan Rec Center. At the time, I never knew how much of a role the Rec Center would play in my freshman experience. It was one of the best things to happen to me during my first semester of college.

I wanted to get involved on campus, and I was ecstatic to find that Freshmen are able to work at the Rec Center. On the first day of training I was nervous and scared, but as I entered the building, the atmosphere was welcoming and this building quickly became a home away from home for me. Everybody here has a common goal: to make the Rec a safe and welcoming place.

Working at the Rec Center as a freshman has been an amazing experience. It has lessened my anxiety, given me a sense of belonging, and has introduced me to amazing people and amazing experiences.

I am currently a Marketing Assistant on the Marketing team, and I will be a Cycling Instructor this spring! Look for me on this semester's schedule, Sean Scott.

If you’re interested in working at the Rec Center stop by one of our upcoming info sessions:

January 20  2pm
January 23  9pm
January 25  2pm
February 2  5pm
February 3  11am


Wednesday, October 12, 2016


As students many of us forget to take advantage of everything that is offered to us on campus, especially at the Rec. For one reason or another we get into our routines and often times stay away from new workouts and even new sports.

A great example of this is Racquetball, despite free use of the courts available to everyone throughout the day; many students (myself included) have never played this fast-paced sport and may not even know how it’s played.

For my benefit and yours here’s a crash course on the basic rules of Racquetball:

-The sport can be played with either 2 or 4 players in singles or doubles play

-One person serves from the service box (small rectangle) toward the front of a court and the opponents must return serve from the receiving line

-A serve must hit the front wall and land behind the receiving line without hitting the back wall

-Points are scored when the player serving wins the point or rally (If the returner wins the point they get to serve)

-Matches are made up of 3 games the first 2 games are played to 11 and the tiebreaker game is to 15

There are a lot more rules to the sport, but those offer a good outline of how to play.

This sport has been an important part of the Rec Center and Rowan Intramurals since we opened over 20 years ago. Rowan and the students at the time felt the need to include the sport into the design of our facilities in the form of 4 courts at the heart of our fitness area. Take advantage of them!

If you want to add racquetball to your weekly workout the Rec Center courts are always open (unless they are reserved) to students and members with equipment to rent for free at the main office.


If you’re interested in playing racquetball competitively we have a free Singles Racquetball Tournament on Thursday, October 13th at 4pm at the Rec, signup on imleagues.com