Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kindness Week :)

“One act of kindness can change the world”

With being this week, I was browsing Pinterest and found the coolest 30-day kindness challenge! Read about my journey in attempts to complete as many parts of the challenge as possible! :) 

1     1.     Put extra change in the meter   

2.     Pay for the person behind you in line
I’ve actually always wanted to do this for someone. The other day while making my usual Dunkin run, as I pulled up to the drive-thru I asked the Dunkin worker what the car behind me had ordered. They had only gotten a large iced coffee, so for the sake of the kindness challenge I told the worker it was on me!

3.     Sit with someone eating alone

4.     Leave a nice note with flowers on the windshield of a car
(a little burry sorry!!!)

5.     Give a very generous tip to your server
Every now and then you hear about waiters or waitresses getting $1000 tips just out of the goodness of the patron's heart. I'm not in the situation to drop $1000 tips! So from here on out I've been making the conscious effort to always tip my waiters and waitresses fairly. 

6.     Pick a good cause and donate to it
A friend of mine had recently gotten into an extremely critical car accident. This one really hit me close to home so I chose to donate to him. You can too by visiting this page!

7.     Go out of your way to make a new friend

8.     Run an errand for someone

9.     Pick up any trash you see

10.  Offer to babysit someone for free

11.  Call a loved one you haven’t spoken to in a while
Grandparents live for calls from their grandchildren out of the blue. So Friday night I took the time to give my grandma a call to catch up. I know it really meant a lot to her and I was happy to put a smile on her face!

12.  Give someone an unsolicited compliment

13.  Bring treats to the office for coworkers
I couldn’t resist baking muffins for my marketing girls!

14.  Donate blood or sign up to be an organ donor
I am a proud organ donor!

15.  Help someone carry their bags

16.  Leave a note or a little bit of cash in your favorite library book
I actually did do this one! Hopefully next time you’re in the library you find yourself $1 richer ;)

17.  Put stray grocery carts where they belong

18.  Let a car merge in front of you, give them a smile or thumbs up
As a driver known to have road rage this was a tough one for me!!

19.  Write a letter of appreciation to someone who positively influenced you

20.  Volunteer at an animal shelter, soup kitchen, or nursing home

21.  Give up your seat to someone else

22.  Say thank you to someone who does a hard job that not many would take

23.  Bring food/water to someone in need

24.  Make a personalized playlist for a family member or friend

25.  Cook a meal for someone
Two of my roommates and I already take turns cooking for each other! I take one night a week and cook for them, then the other two nights they’ll take turns preparing dinner! Last week I made homemade turkey meatball soup. 

26.  Cover for a co-workers so that they can leave early

27.  Donate clothes or books you don’t need
I have A LOT of shoes and boots. So much that they barely fit in my closet. I made sure to go through them and take them down to Goodwill.

28.  Ask someone how they are and really listen when they answer

29.  Give encouragement to someone who is working hard

30.  Spend the day saying nice thing about -- and to – other people
This one was probably the toughest for me. But throughout the day I tried to just keep a positive attitude. Positive thoughts translate to kind actions!

I had a ton of fun attempting to complete the challenge! Give it a try!!!

RUrec’n? We are. 

- Erica M

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