Tuesday, January 20, 2015

4 Health Myths BUSTED

1. Chug a protein shake after a workout
A protein shake is basically the same thing as eating an extra meal. Doctors say that you’re better off eating real food, protein shake products are way more processed. After a good workout your body is craving food, the best way to get your protein in is through foods such as Greek yogurt, turkey sandwich or even a bagel with peanut butters and bananas.

2. You’ll lose a pound for every 3500 calories you burn
We all have that question, how many calories do we have to burn in order to lose a pound? The answer isn’t so simple. Everyone’s bodies are different, for someone over weight burning 3500 calories means a lot more than someone who is fit and used to regular exercise. There’s no perfect equation for weight loss!

4. Frozen Fruits and Veggies Are Less Nutritious Than Fresh Ones
Totally false, fresh fruits and vegetables are flash frozen almost immediately after being picked. Flash freezing immediately locks in the majority of the fruit or vegetable’s nutrients!

 5. Cardio Burns the most calories
Here’s the deal, if you wanna burn more calories overall and keep burning long after your workout weight and interval training is the way to go.


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