Monday, January 26, 2015

Best Places to Buy Workout Gear...FOR CHEAP

For me, sporting a cool outfit in the gym is really important. There are so many awesome shoes, workout pants, and tops on the market. Just walk into the Nike Store or Lulu Lemon! Bright colors and prints are in for the gym! However the prices these days for gym apparel just aren’t working for me. Even though I would love to, I can’t afford to spend 70$ on workout legging alone! Totally ridiculous.

Lucky for me I found a way to wear awesome gym outfits but now pay that hefty price. Below are my shopping secrets that will result in you finding exactly what you need to stay trendy in the gym.

1.     Hidden gem number one: Marshall’s! Anyone that knows me knows that I’m obsessed with Marshalls. At Marshall’s they have an entire section dedicated to athletic wear. Recently I purchased an entire pants, shirt, and sports bra outfit for around 30$!
2.     Tj Maxx is another place I love to shop. Essentially Tj Maxx is the same as Marshall’s, designer clothes for not so designer prices. Tj Maxx has great brands on sale like Nike, Addis, Hardtail and so many more!
3.     Let’s talk about online shopping. Recently I utilized a website I heard about on TV called Kate Hudson runs it so you know everything is super cute! Through Fabletics they allow you to purchase your first outfit (this includes a shirt, sports bra and pants) for 25$!!!! And I’m telling you the quality is absolutely amazing. This website also is cool because there are so many styles and color options, I completely customized my purchase.
4.     Finally let’s discuss shoes. We all know cool gym shoes is really important but sometimes the prices can get out of hand. is a way to avoid expensive clothes and shoe prices. has a ton of brands not just workout, but high end designers too! They do have brands such as Nike, Under Armor, ASICS, Northface and more. I found a pair of Nike shoes (originally $160) for $77!! Definitely my favorite purchase of 2015 so far!

So as you can see you don’t need to spend a lot of money to find cool workout gear. You simple just have to be a smart shopper J



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