Thursday, September 3, 2015

Eating Healthy On a College Budget

So last year I wrote about this, but healthy eating habits is something really important to me so I decided to revisit the topic again this year for those of you that didn’t have a chance to read my first blog post!

So first thing’s first, BEFORE you even step foot into the grocery store make sure you aren’t shopping on an empty stomach!!! That will 100% lead to impulse buys just based on the fact that you’re hungry!

Next thing you need to know is that some items you only need to buy once in a while, your nonperishable items. These are your foods like extra virgin olive oil, oats, rice, peanut butter, vinegar, seasonings and spices. They can usually be bought in bulk and should last you a month or more! 
Personally, I love canned soups but anyone that knows anything about canned soup knows that they're FILLED with sodium. Recently I looked up healthier canned soup options and i stumbled the Amy's brand. Amy's is an organic brand and my 2 faves are the Organic Lentil Vegetable soup and also the Organic Minestrone! Next time you're at the grocery store check them out!

Your foods that you buy less often (every 2 weeks or so) are cereal, English muffins, rice cakes, nuts, almond milk, Greek yogurt, eggs, hummus, etc. Personally I choose to buy almond milk because compared to regular milk that only lasts about a week or so almond milk has a much, much, much longer shelf life. I won't use an entire gallon or gallon and a half at milk before it expires so almond milk is the next best alternative!

Then of course there are foods that need to be bought weekly (foods that go bad quickly or foods you eat a lot of!). These are your fresh fruits and veggies, meats, or any dairy like cold cuts. 

Before I sign off on this post I’m just going to make a quick list of some healthy snacks I like to indulge on. 

1.    Fruit and cottage cheese
2.    Rice cakes and peanut butter (Heart eye emoji)
3.    Jello
4.    Carrots and hummus
5.     Hardboiled eggs

Hope this helps guys!


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