Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Apps for a healthy lifestyle

Today there seems to be an app for everything, and it’s the same for leading a healthy lifestyle.  If you are trying to get in shape there are some super useful apps out there that can help you keep track of your progress.  

    1. Keiser Ride Buddy Light 

This app has been specifically created for the Rec Center’s new Keiser M3 bikes.  It allows you to track all your performance data and upload it to an online “ride journal.”  Come to a spin class and your instructor can even help show you the ropes with this new app! There is one held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week at 12:30! Don’t miss out on it! This app is super simple to use and it helps store everything directly onto your phone! 

    2. Fit Degree

Most people usually will go to the gym with a friend to help them work out.  This is a great way to interact and get healthy at the same time, but you can often find out that just because someone is a good friend does not mean they’re a good gym partner.  This is where Fit Degree comes in! It allows you to pick your ideal partner at the touch of a few buttons.  You create a profile stating all your preferences in working out and match with others who are looking for a partner just like you! 

     3. My Fitness Pal

My FitnessPal can really help keep track of the amount of calories you take in and burn off.  It has one of the largest food databases to keep track of what you are taking into your body, whether you are cooking at home or going out to eat.  My FitnessPal also connects you to a large community of users who you can connect with and trade recipes, workout tips, and their own systems.  This is a great tool but make sure to not go calorie-crazy, seeing how you feel overall may be more helpful than just knowing how many calories you are eating.  

     4. Sleep Cycle 

The app Sleep Cycle can help you get the best night sleep! All you have to do is set approximately what time you want to wake up and set your phone face down on the bed.  As you sleep it analyzes what phase of sleep you are in, some phases are deeper than others so if you happen to be woken up from a deep sleep that is a difficult transition to get moving in the mornings.  Sleep cycle monitors your sleep through your phone allowing your alarm to go off when you are in the lightest sleep cycle, ultimately making your transition to waking up much easier and more enjoyable.  


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