Monday, December 7, 2015

Stress Less this Finals Week

Stressed about finals week? Here are some great ideas to help you relax while preparing for finals.  Try any one of these 25 options and you’re sure to feel better in no time!

1.  Meditate
Taking some time out to focus on your breathing and clear your mind can be very helpful!

2.  Take a group fitness class! (they are free during finals week)
Working out with others can help motivate you to work harder, and you will leave the class
feeling great about yourself! (Also you could win a free raffle prize)

3.  Make a healthy snack
Snack time is the best time.  Find something delicious and nutritious to snack on, it can give you motivation and brainpower while studying.

4.  Chew gum
Research suggests chomping on a piece of chewing gum may help reduce anxiety and even improve mood.  So when you’re stressed during finals week, try chomping on a piece of gum!

5.  Drink tea
Savoring a nice hot cup of tea can be great for your body.  It can help calm your nervous system, and will really hit the spot on a chilly day.  Also, as a bonus if you drink peppermint tea while studying and then chew peppermint gum during a test it will help with memory retention!

6.  Go to bed early
A good night’s sleep can do wonders for your body.  Especially the night before an early exam, being relaxed will help you feel more prepared.

7.  Do some arts and crafts (or just coloring)
By engaging in an activity that uses your hands a little brain power, it will help you get your mind off your studies and unwind.

8.  Prepare ahead of time
Instead of rushing in the morning to leave, prepare the night before, pick out your clothes set up your breakfast, and have your bag packed.  This will give you more time in the morning and prevent you from having to rush.  Also don’t forget your alarm, you DO NOT want to sleep through a final!

9.  Take a break from technology
I know people are attached to their phones 24/7 now a days, but turn it off while you are studying so you won’t get interrupted or distracted.  You can catch up with the world once you have finished there is no reason to be on your phone while studying.

10.  Remind yourself that you can do this!
Don’t forget to remind yourself how awesome you are! You can pass all your finals, finish that paper, and read that whole book! You are capable of a lot more than you give yourself credit for! So remember, study hard, relax and you’ll do great this finals week!


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