Monday, February 8, 2016

Benefits of working out with a Personal Trainer

If you’re a newcomer to the gym or if you are looking to improve your workout by adding new skills and improving techniques, then investing in some personal training sessions may be the best thing for you! The following are a few of the Rec’s top reasons on why YOU should sign up for some personal training sessions.

 Learning new things!

A personal trainer can teach you new workouts for each specific part of your body and can monitor your form to insure you are getting the most out of each move.

Personal trainers can help you push your own limits. 

When you think your just too tired for another set or don’t think you can go any longer your trainer will always be there to push you to do your best when you don’t think you can.

They’ll keep you from plateauing. 

Plateauing is when you hit a stall in your fitness goals. This usually happens when you don’t switch up your routine. A personal trainer will always have a new workout ready for you when you think you’ve plateaued.

Personal training will maximize your workout and minimize time. 

Studies show that when working out with a personal trainer you will burn more calories in a shorter amount time.

Safety First!

Just because the guy from Bro Science did it, doesn't mean you should. A personal trainer can help you find a safe exercise based on your personal fitness needs. 


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