Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Rec Bloggers Goodbye

A little over a year ago a friend told me that the rec center was hiring marketing assistants. I decided to apply for the position for some extra money conveniently located on campus.   

This was one of the best decisions I made throughout my college career.  

Getting a few extra bucks was only the beginning of what I got out of working at the rec center.  Here I met some amazing people, learned valuable skills related to my major, future career and life in general.  

The rec center is no longer just another building on campus to me but another community I have been honored to be part of.  

It has been a wonderful year working at the rec and my only regret is not applying to work here earlier.  I’m upset that I have to say goodbye to so many wonderful people but unfortunately moving on is part of life. 

So to all my fellow seniors and rec friends I will just leave you with a piece of advice from Mr. Feeny; believe in yourself, dream, try and do good.  



This year the marketing staff was a group of graduating seniors. We wish them the best of luck with whatever their futures hold. 

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