Wednesday, August 31, 2016

10 Things You Should Try at the Rec This Year

The Fall 2016 semester is here and soon we’ll all be back into the daily grind of classes, tests, and projects. This is a time for self-improvement and motivation, here are just a few things you should take advantage of from the Rec to improve your health, social life, and have fun.  

1. Join an IM Sport- Intramural sports are a great way to get nontraditional exercise while having fun and building friendships. The Rec Center offers a wide variety of IM sports in the fall and spring semesters with divisions for all skill levels. From the traditional sports like Flag Football and Basketball to more unique sports like Innertube Water Polo and Wallyball, there’s a sport for just about everyone.

2. Take a Group Fitness Class- If you need motivation to stay healthy get into an exercise routine Group fitness classes are the way to go. Our classes focusing on exercise specifics like lifting, cardio, and flexibility give you a chance to get a well-rounded exercise in a fun, yet challenging environment.

3. Play Pickup Basketball- The Rec Center has a large and welcoming pick up basketball scene with games happening nearly every night. Pick up is a great way experience the fun of playing a team sport without a serious competitive aspect. Come out and join a game or start your own this semester.

4. Discover a New Exercise Machine- our gym features several machines focusing on all areas of the body; add a new machine to your workout routine. This simple change could greatly improve your health and the quality of your workout.

5. Run at the Rec- Running is a simple, fun, and important way to add cardio to your workout.  The Rec has plenty of places to run regardless of weather all throughout the year. With the IM Field, the Indoor track, and treadmills in the gym there will always be a place for you to get your run in on our facilities.

6. Eat at Muscle Maker Grill- Finding healthy food on campus can be hard and a poor diet hurts any progress made while working out. Grab a great and healthy meal or protein shake after your workout and remember to come to the Rec for a healthy place to eat on campus.

7. Play Racquetball- Get your friends together discover another fun new thing to do at the Rec. This fast-paced sport is perfect for small groups. With 4 courts chances are one will be available at a time that’s convenient for you.

8. Compete in an IM Tournament- Experience all the fun of IM sports without having to commit to a league. With 8 different sports tournaments this semester there’s a something for everyone. This Fall Rowan IM’s is hosting tournaments in Softball, Sand Volleyball, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Ping Pong, and more.

9. Go for a Swim- Come out to the Rec pool, get exercise, and improve an important skill. Swimming is a perfect full body low resistance exercise for anyone bored with traditional cardio and machine exercise.

10. Join a Club Sport- Sports clubs are the perfect way to meet people who share your interest in a wide variety of interesting athletic activities including Archery, Ultimate Frisbee, Lacrosse, Softball, and more. Finding people who share your athletic passions can help provide a safe haven to reduce stress and exercise.


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