Wednesday, October 12, 2016


As students many of us forget to take advantage of everything that is offered to us on campus, especially at the Rec. For one reason or another we get into our routines and often times stay away from new workouts and even new sports.

A great example of this is Racquetball, despite free use of the courts available to everyone throughout the day; many students (myself included) have never played this fast-paced sport and may not even know how it’s played.

For my benefit and yours here’s a crash course on the basic rules of Racquetball:

-The sport can be played with either 2 or 4 players in singles or doubles play

-One person serves from the service box (small rectangle) toward the front of a court and the opponents must return serve from the receiving line

-A serve must hit the front wall and land behind the receiving line without hitting the back wall

-Points are scored when the player serving wins the point or rally (If the returner wins the point they get to serve)

-Matches are made up of 3 games the first 2 games are played to 11 and the tiebreaker game is to 15

There are a lot more rules to the sport, but those offer a good outline of how to play.

This sport has been an important part of the Rec Center and Rowan Intramurals since we opened over 20 years ago. Rowan and the students at the time felt the need to include the sport into the design of our facilities in the form of 4 courts at the heart of our fitness area. Take advantage of them!

If you want to add racquetball to your weekly workout the Rec Center courts are always open (unless they are reserved) to students and members with equipment to rent for free at the main office.


If you’re interested in playing racquetball competitively we have a free Singles Racquetball Tournament on Thursday, October 13th at 4pm at the Rec, signup on

Thursday, October 6, 2016

5 Tips to Make Your Battleship Team Unsinkable!

Homecoming 2016 is finally here and you know what that means football, tailgates, parties, and of course Battleship! This year avoid an early exit and follow these tips to a Proflympic Battleship Championship.

1.     Dress to Impress- Get on the crowds’ good side and show team unity with matching team shirts based around your name. A team with a “uniform” is more intimidating than a team without one.

2.     Stay on the Same Page- Team work is the most important factor in Battleship; one wrong move can end in disaster. Make sure all team members know their roles and stay out of each other’s way in battle. 

3.     Paddle Power! – The best way to avoid defeat in Battleship is maneuvering, give a strong team member the paddle and remember to use it wisely to change directions, pickup speed, and avoid your opposition.

4.     Less May be More- When attacking another boat keep your timing and strength in mind. It may not always be the best strategy to fill your bucket all the way up with if it’s going to be hard to throw it. Filling your bucket with less water at a faster pace could be the difference between sinking a ship and being sunk.

5.     Don’t Forget Defense- Remember you don’t have to sink any of your opponents ships to win. Sitting back and playing defense while the other teams knock each other out will give your team a better chance of being the last boat afloat.

Bonus Tip- Have Fun! Battleship is one of the most exciting and unique athletic events at Rowan. Enjoy it whether you come out on top or not.

Good luck tonight!