Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Cycling Journey

Have you ever looked back a few months and become amazed with how far you have come?

Four monthsago when I walked into my very first cycling class and I had no idea what I was doing. My goal for the new semester was to make it a priority to workout. I started taking a cycling class every Thursday night, and I immediately became obsessed with it. Soon enough I was taking three cycling classes a week, and I had signed myself up to get my cycling certification.

Why am I writing this? Because if someone told me six months ago right now I would be a Cycling instructor at the Rowan Rec Center I wouldn’t have believed them. At the beginning of the fall semester I took a chance at something outside of my comfort level. I had never taken a cycling class, but I opened myself up to trying something new and I could not have been happier with the way it has turned out.  

To those who say this could never happen to them, I tell you this: “You don’t know until you try.”

Rowan is an amazing place full of opportunities. Take a chance. Step out of your comfort zone. Try something new; not only at the Rec Center, but anywhere around campus. You can take a new class, join a club you always wanted to be a part of, try a new IM sport, or try out a new fitness class. The possibilities are endless in life. If we make the effort to put ourselves out there and try new things, who knows what we could achieve in the future.

I took a chance with trying a Cycling class, and that is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everyone who is reading this is capable of doing great things, all I ask is that you step out of your comfort zone and explore all of the great opportunities we have right here on campus.

I am now a Cycling Instructor at the Rowan Rec Center. My cycling class is every Tuesday at 12:45pm, new members are always welcome! Try any of our fitness classes, I promise you will wish you had done it sooner.

- S.S.

Check out the Spring 2017 Group Fitness Schedule:

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