Tuesday, May 2, 2017


We have reached the last week of the semester, but with the excitement of summer also brings the stress of final exams. The Rec Center wants to help ease this stress, so we will be holding Stress Less Week from May 2-May 5. Here’s 5 ways for you to #StressLess:

  1. Be prepared
It is important to be mentally prepared for finals week. Make sure to study in advance because cramming for an exam will only add to your stress. On May 2nd the Rec Center will have study rooms available for students to study for finals as part of our Stress Less Week!

  1. Meditation
Stop and take a deep breath. It is always helpful to meditate and practice deep breathing; it can be very calming and will reduce your stress. During Stress Less Week the Rec Center will be offering free Yoga classes to promote meditation, which also leads into the third way to #StressLess...

  1. Exercise
Exercising can relieve stress and make you feel better. The Rec is well aware of the positive effects of exercise, so we have made all of our group fitness classes free during Finals week! If you aren’t a fan of yoga, you can try some strength or cycling classes to reduce your stress.

  1. PLAY!
“Live.Learn.PLAY!” is our motto at the Rec Center, and we live by it. Try to set aside time for you to play sports with friends. During finals week you can play basketball on the courts, or you can get involved in some of our competitions. Join us on May 2nd when we will be having Pop Shot and Horse Competitions. There will also be Tailgate games and free giveaways on the IM Field.

  1. Rest up
It is recommended that college students sleep 8 hours per night and lack of sleep is linked to higher stress levels and decreased academic performance. So remember to put down the books every once in a while and sleep!

Good luck on finals! Check out our full #StressLess week schedule here: